About Us

Eric Phillips

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Owner

Eric started West Coast Alumawood in 2007 along with Richard. Just two years later, Eric and Richard achieved the platinum Alumawood dealer award only given to the top 5% of dealers in the nation. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eric still maintained a competitive position within the industry in spite of the supply chain issues that took a hold of their partners. Eric's motto for the entire company is the K.I.S.S. method - Keep it simple stupid. Eric attributes the success of the company towards focusing on the brass tax of giving customers the best Patio Cover possible as quickly and efficiently as possible

On his off-time, Eric is the proud father of two children and grandfather of seven grand kids! He loves to go on joy rides in his car and spend quality time with his wife these days.

Richard Granados

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Owner

Richard co-founded West Coast Alumawood with Eric back in 2007. Over the years, Richard has used his expertise towards reducing and eliminating any operational overhead involved with our partners and suppliers in order to deliver Patio Covers to our customers as quickly and inexpensively as possible so we can pass on the savings and continue to create the highest value possible.

Just like Eric, Richard loves to spend his days off with his family and go to the local bar to grab a drink every now and then. Richard is also a car enthusiast whose favorite car is the Shelby Cobra.

Jay Scott

Lead Sales Manager

Jay has been with West Coast Alumawood for over 5 years now, keeping tabs on the appointment him along with the entire sales team has to keep up with on a daily basis. Jay was born and raised in Anaheim and came to us with extensive experience is sales and quality assurance working for a cement contracting company for 4 years here in Socal. In his free time, Jay enjoys watching NFL football games, biking on the road with his friends, and spending time with his fiance at home. We so appreciate Jay and his commitment to our company. He is an invaluable asset to our team.

15 Years of Experience Specializing in Alumawood® Patio Cover Installations

West Coast Alumawood was originally founded in 2007 in Winchester, CA and today services areas in and around Orange, San Diego, and Riverside county. Starting out presented its challenges, but throughout the years we have built ourselves to be one of the leading patio installation companies in California.

Back then, we specialized in both patio enclosures and cement but as time went on, we found ourselves needing to serve more and more of our customers needing their patio cover installed. By focusing 100% of our efforts on Alumawood, we can better serve our customers in giving estimates, designing, and ultimately building these high-quality patio covers. We're always happy to refer our customers to adjacent services offered by our trusted partners.

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